Ice Blue Mon Le 75
Ice Blue Mon Le 75
Ice Blue Mon Le 75

Ice Blue Mon Le 75

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5" Vinyl Designer figure

Limited 1 Per person Per Household 

The Ice Blue Winter Edition Mon is here! This is a special Mon found in the frozen expanse of the Arctic who has adapted to blend in with the ice and snow.

This devious creature can also be found slipping coal into presents given by a jolly man in a red suit to trick good children, or teasing elves for their fashion sense.

THANK YOU for all your support!! 


In rare cases There may be Paint/Packaging flaws or wear, but please bear with us! We're new to the toy industry and quality is incredibly important to us so we'll always be improving! We can't thank you all enough for making MON possible! For Refund and Shipping info please Go to the Refund Policy and Shipping Policy section.

-The MON Team