Mon: The Adorable Little Monster

Not all creatures in the underworld are evil. Meet Mon. Mon is a misunderstood little monster living in the depths of the abyss. He often leaves his home to visit the land of mortals. Will you give him a place to stay?

About Us

My name is Joseph Miller, and I am the creator of Mon. Mon is a character that I thought of one night while looking through job ads online. I got the inspiration to draw something cute and let my mind run until I had drawn my first Mon. I am a big fan of vinyl figures. I fell in love with my design and knew I had to make at least one for myself. As time moved on I showed my design to friends. they ended up loving the design and wanted a Mon of their own. This is where Mac McAliley, the co founder of Mon, got involved. He fell in love with the figure and wanted to get involved with making him a reality. 

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